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Do I have warranty on my product?

Of course. DYMO has good warrantyconditions. We'll give a brief overview of the conditions. However as conditions may differ per country we would like to redirect you for the full information to the DYMO website for your country which you can find via the DYMO.com site. 

  • All DYMO LabelWriters, DYMO LabelManagers, CardScan businesscard scanner and DYMO (postal) scales have a 2 year warranty. By registering your device with DYMO you'll receive 1 more year warranty, the 2+1 rule. This extention of warranty does not apply for the package scales S50, S100 en S180.
  • All Rhino labelmakers have a 1 year warranty. By registering your device with DYMO you'll receive 1 more year warranty, the 1+1 rule.

Can I return my ordered products?

You can return products purchased with us, under certain conditions, return back to us. For all products goes, only in original and untouched condiction and in original undamaged packaging. In case your order was received at delivery in a poor of broken condition and you'd like to claim warranty, you'll need to inform us by e-mail message. Do this within 2 workingdays from delivery and write us about the problem or damage under mentioning of our ordernumer and if possible with pictures of the damage or problem. We'll inform you about the further procedures.

Do I receive automatically a new product after returning?

No, when you have a product returned you'll not get automatically a replacement. Once we have received your returned item, the payment obligation for this item becomes void or the value of the item will be payed back to you as soon as possible. You can place a new order if you want a new item.

What to do when my product does not function properly?

On most questions you'll find the answers in the manual of the product. The information can in many cases also be found at the website of DYMO. Besides that, you can always contact the de helpdesk of DYMO in your country via www.dymoservice.com. If they can not help you, we can always try to help you via our own customerservice. When a product is incomplete or a part is broken we would like to receive 1 or multiple pictures per e-mail with which we can contact the supplier and show what it is about.

Will there be costs charged when a warranty or return is the case or when the order is cancelled?

If your product has not been shipped by us yet and you'd like to cancel the order, we do not charge you with any costs. If the order has already been shipped we'll charge you for the shipping costs both ways.

PLEASE NOTE: The warranty is on the basis of Carry-In.

So: in case of a warranty you'll send the item, if this is asked for by DYMO or us, to the right address of DYMO. The costs for the return shipment are for your account in case DYMO in your area does not offer a free of charge mail address. Returning a product yourself is also possible, please make an appointment via Dymo.eu or per phone.

If there is damage directly upon receipt of the product ( a socalled DOA - Dead On Arrival) the costs for returning are of course for our account. As well as the costs for shipping a replacement.

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