Our phone team is available on Monday till Friday 10-17 hr., +31 85 40 10 135.


It is always annoying when something has gone wrong with your order. Although we strive to have things done perfectly it is possible that something has gone wrong. If there is an issue, please let us know.

  1. We kindly request you to inform us about your complaint by e-mail.
  2. If it is about a damaged or incomplete item we kindly ask you to provide us with 5 or more pictures so we can inform the shipping company or supplier about it. The 5 pictures need to cover the following things:
    • the shipment as a whole / outside of the package where the shipping label is clearly visible;
    • An opened package where the contents and inner fillings are visible INSIDE the package;
    • All types of innerpacking materials / fillings you have found in the package;
    • The whole item;
    • Detail photo / Close up of the particular damage to the item;
  3. We'll contact you to determin and discuss which solution we can offer to solve the complaint.
  4. Depending on the situation regarding your complaint, supplier etc, we strive to respond within 5 workingdays, and if possible offer a solution.


We would like to inform you that:

• Every complaint is taken seriously
• your complaint will be treated confidentialy
• Upon your complaint (when correct) will be take action
• You'll receive within 5 workingdays a respond from us

Would you like to inform us about a complaint? Please inform us about it via: Customer Service Dymo.eu

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